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 Application Guidelines [READ BEFORE APPLYING]

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PostSubject: Application Guidelines [READ BEFORE APPLYING]   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:40 pm

If you are reading this you are either interested in joining the Arch Enemies guild or .... you're spying on us. Very Happy

To start of, the classes we are currently recruiting are:
- Biochemists
- Paladins
- Soul Linkers
- Snipers
- Champions

*Texts in green are the top priority classes we are recruiting.

In order to apply all you have to do is copy paste the application form below and answer it truthfully and submit all the required screenshots. Please take this application seriously if you really want to apply to this guild. It will help us gauge whether you are the type of player we need in this guild.

WARNING: If you apply for a class not listed above there will be a low chance of us accepting you in the guild

Application Form

Quote :
What is your name?

Where are you from?

How long have you been playing Blackout RO?

Do you know/have Raidcall?

What previous woe guilds did you join?

Reasons why you left?

Why do you want to join the Arch Enemies Guild?

Does anyone from the guild already know you?

What is your ping in game? (type !pingme in game) (post a screenshot of your ping)

What class are you applying for?

Post a screenshot of your character showing your:
- Equipment and Stats window
- WoE BM
- inventory window showing your consumables

List down your swap equipments.

What skills should you use during WoE?

Are you willing to change your build if we ask you to?

If we ask you to reroll to a certain class will you do so? If not explain why.

Lastly, are you sexy enough for this guild?

If you don't know how to post a screenshot here's a quick guide:

Quote :

Here are some quick and simple steps on posting a screenshot

1. In the topic creation window, locate the "host an image" button on the tool bar located above the text box and below the title and description box.

2. Then click it once you've located it

3. When you click it, a small window will pop up with a browse button.

4. Click the browse button then locate the folder where your screenshot is saved

5. Once you see it select the screenshot and click open.

6. After that, click the "host it" button on the image hosting window

7. When it gets uploaded, there will appear 3 URLs

8. Copy the 3rd URL which is the "Image URL", then close the image hosting window by clicking the "host an image" button again

9. Then in the text box simply write
[img]insert image URL here[/img]
and the image should pop up when you preview or send your post

You don't have to follow this if you know other ways of posting screenshots. This guide is only for those who do not know how to do so.

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Application Guidelines [READ BEFORE APPLYING]
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