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 Sample Application [READ BEFORE APPLYING]

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PostSubject: Sample Application [READ BEFORE APPLYING]   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:50 pm

This were my old screenshots for my application to the late Anomaly Guild. So don't judge me Very Happy

What is your name?
- Yani Arguelles
Where are you from?
- Philippines
How long have you been playing Blackout RO?
- About a year
What previous woe guilds did you join?
- Pegasus
- Bravery
- Blacksheep
- Zerg Patrol
- Anomaly
- Antagonist
Reasons why you left?
- Pegasus' GL got banned
- Bravery's GL isn't my type of leader
- Blacksheep's GL is a fag
- Zerg Patrol's GL got banned
- Anomaly is Dead
- Antagonist is Dead
Why do you want to join the Arch Enemies Guild?
- Because LikWid is here
Does anyone from the guild already know you?
- Almost everyone
What is you ping in game? (type !pingme) (post a screenshot of your ping)

What class are you applying for?
- Sniper
Post a screenshot of your character showing your:
- Equipment and Stats window
- WoE BM
- inventory window showing your consumables

List down your swap equipments.
- Sniping Suit [Tao]
- D Mant [Noxious]
- V Shield [GTB]
- +10 CK
- xRetri [GH]
- xBand [GH]
What skills should you use during WoE?
- lvl1 Ankle Snare
- Double Strafe
- Detecting
- Sharp Shooting
- Remove Trap
- Arrow Shower
- True Sight
- Improve Concentration
Are you willing to change your build if we ask you to?
- Yes
If we ask you to reroll to a certain class will you do so? If not explain why.
- Yes
Lastly, are you sexy enough for this guild?
- Hell Yeah

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Sample Application [READ BEFORE APPLYING]
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